FIT LIFE: An easy to make dessert for your 4th celebration

Published: Jun. 28, 2019 at 7:24 AM CDT
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On this Fit Life, we're getting you getting you ready for the Fourth of July with Natalie Allen from Missouri State University with something yummy.

It's red, white and blue colorful, easy to make and good. It's very adaptable.

The first thing you need are some Mason Jars. Any size works. If you want to be on a little portion control go with the smaller jar. The wider mouth is better for food preparation.

We bought a prepared angel food cake. You can make your own. Angel food cakes are naturally low fat and are dairy free.

You start by cutting the angel food cake. Then, put the slices into the bottom of the jar. Natalie says don't even measure it out just base it on how it looks to you.

Then, you pick your fruit. We used blueberries, raspberries and strawberries to give it the red, white and blue look.

You can use any fruit. Peaches are good in the summer. For this one, Natalie added just a little bit of sugar to make it a little sweeter. As the summer goes on and your berries get riper and juicier and sweeter, you probably don't need to add any sugar.

Any dairy topping works for the white layer (see video).

Then, you just alternate layers until you reach the top.

Natalie did bring a couple of choices for toppings. If you want to make it for someone with a dairy allergy, you can use the new coconut whipped cream, which does not have any dairy in it.

Her kids like to use the Hershey chocolate whipped cream with raspberry.

When you finish, you have a nice patriotic red white and blue angel food cake jar that's good for you, easy to make and then you can either eat it now or set it on the fridge for a couple hours until your BBQ.