7 inmates escape from the Barry County, Mo. Jail; Deputies arrest 6; jailers assaulted in escape

Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 4:00 AM CDT|Updated: Jun. 2, 2023 at 2:00 PM CDT
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CASSVILLE, Mo. (KY3) - Police in Barry County are searching for one last inmate who escaped the county jail Thursday night.

According to Barry County Sheriff Danny Boyd, seven inmates escaped the jail a little before 11:30 p.m. Thursday after assaulting the two correctional officers. Sheriff Boyd says the inmates locked the jailers into a cell and escaped.

Investigators say the escapees include Mario Che-Tiul, Derson Pelep, Rolondo Saldivar, Axel Agans, Andrew Madewell, Jonathan Saucedo, and Harley Joe Wilkins. Deputies captured three of the inmates immediately. Deputies captured the other three Friday morning. Che-Tiul remains missing. He had been jailed on sex crimes charges.

The Barry County prosecutor charged Che-Tiul, Agans, Wilkins, Madewll, Saucedo, Saldivar, and Pelep with two counts of assault, kidnapping, and escape.

Sheriff Boyd says the Missouri Highway Patrol is assisting with the search using a helicopter. The U.S. Marshall Service is also on the way to help look for the inmates.

Pelep was booked into jail in February for rape and sodomy charges. Saldivar was being held on drug charges and jailed on May 19. We’re working to find out why Agans was in jail.

The sheriff says they began searching on the south side of town but believes the inmates were picked up by someone helping them escape. The inmates stole clothing from the jail property room and will not be in prisoner’s clothing if seen in public.

The sheriff says Che-Tiul should be considered armed and dangerous. He encourages everyone to keep the doors to their homes and vehicles locked. Sheriff Boyd said Che-Tul might be going north and had been planning this for months.

“We try to treat people fair and try to do the right thing,” said Sheriff Boyd. “When these people come in and do these kinds of things to somebody who’s trying to help them. It’s just, it’s sad.”

Barry County Sheriff Boyd said an inmate told a jailer they needed their blood pressure checked, then they pounced.

“Grabbed them from behind and literally choked them out till they passed out,” said Sheriff Boyd.

The sheriff says the jailers received medical treatment and were released. Sheriff Boyd says the two jailers were keeping an eye on 60 inmates.

“Some inmates that came in and helped unhandcuffed our two correctional officers and actually helped break the door out the window so that they could get out to go get help,” said Sheriff Boyd.

The news surprised the residents in the area, like Janet Yunk.

“I was concerned about coming to the pool because some of them were captured in this area,” said Yunk.

The pool she is talking about is the Cassville Aquatic Center. Sheriff Boyd said two inmates were found there. Three were found quickly down the street. One turned himself in.

Marie Liams was at the aquatic center later. She’s a bus driver and was nervous for the kids.

“Just extra precaution,” said Iiams. “I was pretty good at keeping an eye on the kids and everything. But we just did a little extra, or I did. I’m sure the others did, too.”

Barry County Jail
Barry County Jail(KY3)
Barry County Jail
Barry County Jail(KY3)

One year ago, three inmates escaped from the Barry County Jail. On June 3, 2022, Lance Justin Stephens, Matthew Allen Crawford, and Christopher Allen Blevins cut through a ceiling and exited the jail.

Crawford was captured in a Springfield neighborhood, police in Mills, Wyoming, arrested Blevins four days later, and law enforcement caught Stephens in the San Antonio area 11 days later.

The county broke ground in February on the construction of a new jail.

Sheriff said their new jail should fix all of these issues. It should be done in the Summer of 2024.

Everyone we spoke to can’t wait for enhanced security.

“It does make me thankful that they’re building a new facility,” said Yunk.

“Just having the correct facility to hold these kinds of people and housing correctly, the officer safety will be tremendous,” said Sheriff Boyd,

“Hopefully, we’re looking forward to that happening,” said Liams. “Hopefully, it would be safer.”

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