OZARKS UNSOLVED: Jamie Richardson’s family searches for answers; Greene County detectives pursue new leads

Published: May. 25, 2023 at 9:23 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - For the family of James “Jamie” Richardson, photographs are the only remnants of a life cut short.

Fondly remembering his humor and mischievous pranks, Barbara Richardson, Jamie’s mother, cherishes the moments frozen in time.

“He was so funny and always pulling pranks to make you laugh,” she says.

Richardson’s family has been living in a perpetual state of mourning for the past 11 years. To them, Jamie will forever remain 27 years old, a poignant reminder of the future he was unjustly denied. His absence is especially felt by his children, Elizabeth and Jake, who continue to navigate life without their father’s guidance and love.

Elizabeth, now a mother herself, prepares to embark on a new chapter as she prepares for her marriage and raising her first child.

“She’s not going to let anyone else walk her down that aisle,” Barbara says.

The events leading up to Jamie’s disappearance still haunt his family. Barbara recalls the bittersweet memory of their last meeting less than two weeks before his body was found.

“He hugged and kissed me and told me he loved me,” she recalls, cherishing those final moments shared with her son. Little did she know that it would be their last goodbye.

Days later, Jamie Richardson was believed to be the victim of a homicide. Jamie’s body was discovered after an anonymous call about a body floating in the waterway at Crighton Park.

Sheriff Jim Arnott, who has dedicated years to this case, vividly remembers the grim scene.

“We responded [and] there was, in fact, a body wrapped up,” he says.

The ensuing investigation revealed the violent nature of the crime.

“Immediately, we knew it was a violent type of crime that was committed. There was trauma. So we immediately knew that we had a homicide,” Sheriff Arnott says.

Eleven years later, the investigation into Jamie Richardson’s murder remains open, with details of the evidence closely guarded. Sheriff Arnott emphasizes the importance of maintaining secrecy.

“There are certain things that we know that the general public doesn’t know, and maybe the family may not know,” he says.

This discretion allows investigators to identify credible information when it arises, aiding them in their pursuit of justice. The case has taken detectives across three states, and at the time of this interview, they were en route to a fourth, following a promising lead.

Despite the passage of time, Jamie’s family continues to cling to the hope that an arrest will be made, providing them with a semblance of closure.

“We just have no closure. There’ll never be closure,” Barbara says. “But at least there will be peace that justice has come for the kids, especially.”

Sheriff Arnott shares their sentiment and expresses confidence that justice will be served. “

“We’ve got good information. We need to tie a few things up to get the information we need to present a case so we can get an indictment or an arrest warrant.”

The sheriff believes they know who is responsible for Jamie’s death but requires additional evidence to solidify their case.

“We need just circumstantial evidence to tie into the evidence we already have,” Sheriff Arnott says.

If you have any information on their whereabouts to Jamie Richardson, contact the Greene County Sheriff’s Office at (417) 868-4040 or submit a tip anonymously at 417-869-TIPS.

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