City of Seymour, Mo., removes large fan following gas leak in 2019

Published: May. 25, 2023 at 2:12 PM CDT
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SEYMOUR, Mo. (KY3) - City leaders in Seymour removed a large fan in the road of North Frances Street nearly three-and-a-half years after a gas leak was discovered.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources determined through sewer vapor and residential air sampling that the fan was no longer needed.

KY3 learned after interviewing DNR that it found an old line that was still hooked up to the sewer and was uncapped by the gas station down the road.

“We did some excavation along the sewer line to try to find an ingress point and found an old sewer lateral that was still hooked up to the sewer in was uncap near the station,” said Ken Koon with the Missouri Department of Resources.

After finding the source, Koon says DNR cut it off and flushed the sewer.

The search for the gas leak’s source started in the fall of 2019. Emergency responders traced it back to gasoline release in the sewer system. The Department of Natural Resources started investigating after someone smelled gasoline in their home that year. Not long after, DNR set up a venting machine to air any gasoline vapors out of the sewer system.

Crews inspected nearby gas stations back in 2019 but never found any leaks.

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