Republic Police Department wants you to join its team

Published: Apr. 1, 2023 at 9:26 PM CDT
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REPUBLIC, Mo. (KY3) - The Republic Police Department needs your help. Like other departments across the Ozarks, it needs more officers.

In Republic, the massive growth has seen its police department stretched thin. Officer Audrianna Wake said they are in a pinch.

“With the officers that we have now, we’re dealing with a lot of issues like blackouts and longer response times,” said Officer Wake.

Officer Wake said they need your help. The department is looking to hire three new officers in the short term. But all together, they need 11 more.

“We need go-getters. We need hard workers,” said Officer Wake. “We need people who love this community.”

Officer Audrianna Wake has been at the department for two years. She joined the team because she saw an opportunity to grow.

“I just saw the growth and the potential and this department, everyone I met was just really happy who was an officer here,” said Officer Wake.

Officers say the money to make the hires comes from the Public Safety tax, passed in the summer of 2021. The tax gives the department more funds to hire more officers and better pay and retirement plans for police officers

Officer Wake said they don’t want people needing help to wait for them to respond.

“But because we’re all on some other major incident, we can’t come to you immediately,” said Officer Wake. “Trying to break away and try to get to that is really difficult.”

Officer Wake said they want to be prepared for even more growth. She also said police department leaders want to see you succeed.

“Leadership is really supportive of whatever our goals are,” said Officer Wake. “As long as you’re going for it, they’re there to help you along the way.”

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