Dallas County Health Department giving away free Narcan

Published: Jan. 31, 2023 at 4:34 PM CST
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BUFFALO, Mo. (KY3) - The Dallas County Health Department received more than 40 packs of Narcan to reduce overdose deaths.

“This is a program through the Missouri Institute of Mental Health. It provides Narcan free for individuals or first responders or anyone that wants it,” said Cheryl Eversole, the Health Administrator in Dallas County.

She says that having this program she hopes it is going to help people who need it.

“Opioids in rural Missouri have been such a huge problem, and along with the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw even higher substance abuse rates,” said Eversole.

Jack Hamm, a Dallas County resident, says he’s seen a drug problem around and everywhere.

“Dallas County is no different than Hickory County or Greene County. I mean, as far as like drug use, there’s more of that going on,” said Hamm.

He thinks it is an excellent idea for the health department to give it out, but he never thought it would come to fruition.

“I never thought we’d get to that point. I’m glad they do. I think, you know, some young person, you know, gets in a jam and needs help to survive. Maybe they don’t take that as an opportunity to turn things around,” said Hamm.

All you need to do is stop by the Dallas County Health Department.

”Walk into our office during regular business hours and just request a box of Narcan. Narcan is a prescription drug, and we do have a standing statewide order for it. The FDA is looking at making it an over-the-counter to where you just go into any pharmacy and buy it. Narcan is not cheap. But through this program using state opioid funding award, it’s going to be able to provide free Narcan for several years to come,” said Eversole.

It is anonymous.

“I don’t believe that this will lead to higher usage of opioids. It is strictly for harm reduction. You know, addiction is so hard to overcome. And unless you’ve had it, you can’t understand what they have to go through to recover,” said Eversole.

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