Camdenton School District leaders welcome the idea of more money from the state to protect students

Published: Jan. 19, 2023 at 4:56 PM CST
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CAMDENTON, Mo. (KY3) - Missouri Governor Parson announced he wanted to make more money available to help schools protect students.

“That’s why this year we are proposing $50 million for school safety grants to further protect our children and our schools,” said Governor Mike Parson in his State of the State Address.

That money is in the form of grants schools can apply for through Missouri’s Department of Public Safety. Dr. Sean Kirksey with Camdenton School District says he would welcome the extra money.

”I think public safety and for our students especially has always been a priority it came with, and we’ve seen that over the last year, our board is really put that at the forefront. So I am. We’re thrilled about money directed towards student safety,” said Dr. Kirksey.

Dr. Kirksey says the district does have ideas of what they would add.

”There are some technology advances that we’re considering in the district with bus safety, and student safety, staff safety, and then surveillance, video equipment, and then just continuing to secure our entrances and exits of all of our buildings,” said Dr. Kirksey.

For the governor’s plan to pass, it must get through the Missouri General Assembly.

House Minority Leader Crystal Quade said she appreciates the governor’s investment, but the conversation needs to be expanded.

”Even with those investments, until we have a serious conversation around guns in our state and being able to support our law enforcement do their jobs on the ground when it comes to that, we’re going to not see nearly enough,” said State Representative Quade.

“Anytime you get kid money, you know, that’s money that can be spent to help kids that’s really valuable,” said Dr. Kirksey.

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