Plaza Towers in Springfield unveils new LED sign

Published: Jan. 14, 2022 at 7:07 PM CST
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Renovations are underway at Plaza Towers in Springfield.

The decades-old high-rise is located at the corner of Sunshine and Glenstone. It had flashing sign that was once considered a driving distraction. Now its getting a new LED billboard.

The new sign shows the time, date, time, events, American Flag, and even the original sign from time to time.

Larry Foss, who has lived in Springfield for 20-plus years, likes the new touch.

“Well, I think it’s awesome,” said Foss. “It’s about time they’ve improved it. It’s been a long time coming.”

The Plaza Towers in Springfield is considered a historic landmark for some. Now, it’s getting some remodeling.

Marco Denis is the owner of Springfield Property LLC, which owns Plaza Towers. He says it was time to replace the historic sign.

“We want to have something more modern,” said Denis. “The old sign was really, really old, and it was becoming dangerous. So therefore, we are afraid that something may happen.”

People who live in Springfield say they’re enjoying the new addition.

“It’s good for a change,” said Tonia Foss. “It’s like ourselves, we always need to change something.”

“It’s amazing. It’s different,” said Foss. “It adds appeal I think to it.”

Denis said they also are looking to have more additions to the interior of the building, such as an event center, restaurant, and lobby.

He also expects the full project to be done by this July and cost more than $9 million dollars.

Denis said many of the changes were made for safety purposes.

“The building is super old,” said Denis. “So therefore we have to not only fix the look of it, but also the mechanical part of it also, to make it very strong and safe for everyone.”

Denis said this is the start of trying to revitalize buildings in Springfield. He hopes people like the sound of new.

“Makes me excited because change is good,” said Foss.

“A building like this, it’s needed, long-time coming,” said Foss.

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