REMEMBERING REESE JOHNSON: Brother, friends mourn tragic death of Willard, Mo. teenager

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 5:48 PM CDT
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WILLARD, Mo. (KY3) - A family is grieving after the loss of their beloved daughter in a car crash Sunday afternoon near Willard.

Willard High School Senior Reese Johnson died in the crash. Her brother Tyler describes his little sister as a bubbly person.

”Reese was just a bright, positive person in everybody’s life. She loved girly things. She loved singing and dancing, And she loved makeup,” said Johnson.

Tyler described his sister as his best friend.

”We grew into this really close relationship where we could just talk about anything,” said Johnson.

He felt as if it was his job to protect his sister.

”She was my baby sister, I was supposed to be there for and protect her and, and I tried to do that the best I could throughout her childhood in any situation that she needed because she was my little girl,” said Tyler.

Tyler says his family is grateful for the support the family has been receiving from the community.

”I just wish that I could somehow thank each person. “I wish I could sit down with them and thank them. I’ve received messages from people that I’ve not heard from in years,” said Johnson.

He says his parents are missing their little girl.

”You never want this thing to happen to your child. Especially not your only little girl,” said Johnson.

Friends of Reese made a memorial at the site of the crash. Her friends and brother have things they want to say to Reese...

”I’m sorry. She’s gonna miss out on the rest of her life, “ said Johnson.

”Sophie and I love her and we are going to miss her,” said Emma Bougher.

“I would thank her for showing us and everyone what genuine love is & what it means to have a heart of gold,” said Sophi Moore.

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