Numerous Airsoft gun attacks reported in Springfield, Mo. this year

3 reports near Missouri State University, 1 inside Battlefield Mall
Published: Sep. 30, 2021 at 6:20 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Springfield Police Records reveal numerous Airsoft gun attacks this year. Most of the incidents involved Airsoft-type guns fired from cars at pedestrians. An Airsoft-type gun is usually described as looking like a traditional firearm. But these guns shoot nonlethal, plastic pellets.

The reports include these areas:

*East Bear Blvd and South National

*East Bear Blvd and John Q Hammons Parkway

*South Florence and East Harrison Street

*300-block of Park Central East

*East McDaniel Street and S South Avenue

*2825 South Glenstone (Battlefield Mall)

*2500-block of West College Road

In one report an MSU student told police, “They began walking west on Harrison Street. As a vehicle drove by, (the student) suddenly felt a stinging sensation on her neck. At the same moment, two of her friends also reacted as if they were in pain. They determined that they had been hit by airsoft pellets, and believe they were fired from a passing car. (The student) said none of them had seen the car or who fired the airsoft gun.

In the incident near East McDaniel the victim told police, “She then saw a white AR-15 style airsoft gun with an orange tip and heard several pop sounds. She knew it was an airsoft gun by the sound of the gun when it was fired. She said the airsoft gun was fired multiple times and she was struck at least once in the right bicep.”

Most of the victims reported bruising where the projectiles hit them. One report noted, “she had red marks on her face where she had been struck by the projectiles. I observed light red marks in the following locations: left cheek, left part of the forehead, between the eyes, and on the right cheek.”

There’s limited information about the Airsoft attack at The Battlefield Mall in June since it involved a juvenile.

These attacks have happened in other parts of the country too. There are reports from Seattle of them being used in Asian-American hate crimes. In the Detroit area, an alleged airsoft gun attack led to a rollover crash. And in Washington, police arrested three teens for allegedly shooting a 5-year-old girl in May.

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