Fact Finders: Roundabout Driving Rules

Are you required to use your turn signal as you enter and leave a roundabout?
Published: Sep. 8, 2021 at 10:16 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Construction is underway now on a new roundabout on Glenstone Avenue at the intersection with Republic Road. With more roundabouts in the area, we’re answering a viewer’s question about them. Are you required to use your turn signal as you enter and leave a roundabout? The Answer is -- NO.

The Missouri Highway Patrol tells me the turn signal is purely a courtesy. However, you do need to yield as you enter and exit the traffic circle.

MoDot confirms this info too. The agency says you must yield to traffic that’s already in the roundabout. But if you’re in the traffic circle you do not have to yield to a driver wanting to enter.

Keep these courtesy rules in mind because we’re likely to see more roundabouts around here over time.

“The biggest advantage is the safety advantage of a roundabout. You will tend to have probably more property damage-only type crashes instead of the more severe ones and even fatalities that you may have at a standard four-legged intersection,” explained MoDot Traffic Operations Engineer Michael Bock.

You should know the Missouri Driver Guide does include this sentence, “Use your right turn signal to let others know you are exiting.” If you’re taking your driving test it would be best to follow what’s in the guide. However, as a licensed driver, you are not breaking traffic laws. “It’s a driver’s guide (emphasis on guide),” remarked Missouri Highway Patrol Sergeant Michael McClure.

I’m told the roundabouts are also cheaper to maintain than a traditional 4-way stop. By the way, that new roundabout at Glenstone and Republic is scheduled to be completed next May.

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