MoBeef for MoKids program feeding kids in Ozarks schools

Published: Aug. 16, 2021 at 12:38 PM CDT
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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) - Cattlemen in the Ozarks are working to make sure kids enjoy their beef while at school.

The program is called Mo Beef for Mo Kids.

The Missouri Beef Industry Council runs the program. For the Halfway School District, this will be the third year the district has not bought any beef for their school lunch program. Instead, local producers donate the beef. Multiple producers in the Polk County area donate to the program. Others have donated funds to pay for processing.

Morris Westfall is a Polk County cattle producer involved in the program for more than a year. He says it only takes about four cattle to feed Halfway Schools beef for a year. Westfall says he is proud to be a part of feeding Halfway students Missouri beef.

“We know where it come from, and it saves the school money, and it’s a way to support the school and get more beef into the menu.” said Westfall. “So the children, they like it better, and they eat better, and they’re happier I think.”

When the hamburger first hit the lunch menu, it was a hit.

“Just a good old fashioned hamburger and french fries, I think,” says Halfway Schools superintendent Lance Roweton. “And our kids literally went nuts over it. They couldn’t believe how good it tasted, and they could tell the quality. We didn’t say anything really about the Mo beef; they just knew it was different.”

“I hope to see it expanded to other schools, you know, in the near future,” Westfall says.

He’s happy to support the effort in Polk County, and the schools couldn’t be happier with their beefed up lunches.

“We’re able to feed our kids with a better quality beef and a good product,” says Roweton. “And obviously, it’s very cost effective for the school.”

To learn more about the program, CLICK HERE.

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