Southwest Camden County Fire Protection District unveiling new station to community

Published: Oct. 17, 2020 at 10:40 PM CDT
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CAMDEN COUNTY, Mo. (KY3) - Southwest Camden County Fire Protection District has a new station, which is now the fourth station for the district.

This is the latest addition for the fire district, following a county levy increase. On Sunday, the fire district will host an open house for the community.

Chief Mike Hufferd said Saturday that the nearly $250,000 project comes with several benefits to the surrounding area.

“It’s going to lower a lot of people’s insurance, their homeowner’s insurance, because we have a station here,” Hufferd said.

He also said the facility will significantly improve response time.

“Any time we had a call out here, it was lag time from eight miles away was our nearest station," Hufferd said. “So it’s going to reduce the time to get equipment out the door. We can get emergency services to them quicker."

Hufferd also added that it will hopefully take some pressure off of his team.

”We only got 11 firefighters in our district," he said. “And we cover 152 square miles.”

All of them are volunteers. Hufferd said he is always looking for more to help.

The station is right along the highway, something Hufferd said will also be resourceful.

“We have a lot of incidents with 54 Highway coming through," Hufferd said. “So the facility is big enough. We’ve got a [helicopter] landing where we can bring them in. We’ve already used that three times already this year.”

Hufferd said the station will also serve as a training facility, both for his team and even other departments.

”And that proves to our community that we’re better to take care of any incidents that come up," he said.

Hufferd also said he wants it to be a community space.

“It’s for the community,” he said. “If someone wanted to have a family reunion or whatever here, we will welcome that also. It’s not just a firehouse. We’re trying to make it for anyone in the community.”

The site is currently in use, but Hufferd said some equipment still needs to be restored first. He also said his team needs some additional training as well. Hufferd said he hopes the station is fully functional by May.

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